Wings of Destiny: New Transcend Feature

12/07/2012 11:18 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsBrowser GamesRPG

Wings of Destiny

Wings of Destiny

With the brand new Transcend Feature, players at level 70 will now be able to complete a quest that will allow them to Transcend to an advanced class. This advanced class will gain massive increases to their attributes as well as new abilities and access to specialized armor and weapons.

 There will be 2 advanced classes to choose from for players who choose to Transcend to the next level, each of which will have a different specialization to focus on aspects of the game that better suit any individual’s playstyle. 

The Cleric class is an advanced form of the priest class and will focus more on the priests ability to heal and support other players by increasing the Priest’s survivability and buffing their current healing, protection and defensive abilities.

If you prefer to take the route of the Inquisitor class however, your Priest will become more offense oriented, using your affinity for dark magics to increase the pain and terror you can cause your enemies. Regardless of your choices, you will certainly notice the increased power of the advanced version of your character, should you choose to Transcend at level 70.

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