Wings of Destiny
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Wings of Destiny
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Wings of Destiny Description

Step into a fantasy world where you become the hero and defeat powerful monsters as you embark upon epic adventures in this free-to-play RPG.


In Wings of Destiny, it is up to you to answer the call for heroes and pick up a weapon to fight. This fantasy world is full of danger and it is up to you to conquer the beasts that roam the land while you master the skills of your character.

There are four playable classes in Wings of Destiny. Each one of these classes features their own unique skills and abilities, while possessing different advantages and disadvantages in combat. The Knight is a heavily-armored warrior that wields a mighty sword to tear through his enemies. The Mage is a master of ancient knowledge and possess skills that weave powerful spells together to create a devastating storm upon his enemies. The Hunter is a master of the bow and strikes hard and true from a distance, taking down their enemies before they can even be seen. The last class, the Priest, is a master of the healing arts who uses their mastery to heal their friends.

As you embark upon your journeys, you will find yourself given quests which you will have to complete. By completing these tasks, you will earn experience and receive rewards. The more you progress in the world of Wings of Destiny, the more powerful you will become. You can unlock new skills, allowing you to destroy your enemies in new ways.

Become the hero that everyone is looking for and master your hero in Wings of Destiny.

by Kyle Hayth

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