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Wind of Luck
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Wind of Luck Description

Forge your own path in this free client game and team up with other players to engage in multiplayer battles on the high seas. Just make sure that your crew is always taken care of! Being a pirate isn’t easy, but neither is being a righteous captain...


Ahoy, captains! Life as a sea wolf is as rough as the waves crashing against the cliffs. Whether you decide to follow the path of a legendary pirate or make it your mission to clean the high seas of treacherous buccaneers, you need to have a ragtag crew of seamen and seawomen to help you out. Having additional hands on deck is not only helpful during brotherhood wars and other sticky situations, but also in between battles. Who else would repair the damage done by opposing forces? Who else would patch up wounded corsairs and put them back on their feet? Specialists such as the Carpenter and Ship Doctor are needed to keep everything in check when playing Wind of Luck, the free-to-play download game brought to you by Trazzy Entertainment.

Before you join forces with other players in Wind of Luck, it is up to you to pick a faction and hire ships that will help you win battle after battle. You can currently choose between three rosters: Asian, Caribbean and Mediterranean. Each ship has unique perks when paired up with others. Some are quick and easy to maneuver, others are sturdier and able to absorb more hits before succumbing to the damage. As you get to know the pirate game and find your place in Wind of Luck, you will come across so-called brotherhoods. These are basically groups up players sailing under the same flag eager to challenge other guilds in session-based multiplayer battles.

Dozens of challenges await you in Wind of Luck, one more demanding than the next. What kind of objectives you need to complete in order to achieve victory depends on which region you are in. Everything from the Imperial Pearls to the Straits of Makassar to Skeleton Island is chock-full of new missions that will reward you with fame, expertise and coins. These currencies can be used to purchase new ships, stock up on ammunition and climb the official leaderboard of this naval online game.

Wind of Luck Screenshots

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