Wildstar: Destination Arkterra

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The free-to-play MMORPG Wildstar has just recieved a massive content update in the form of a brand new expansion: Destination Arkterra. It’s available to download now from the official website.

Back in February we announced that there is going to be a brand new continent in Wildstar, and the Destination Arkterra expansion is now finally here. Schi-Fi RPG fans have the chance to explore massive new areas which are packed full of enemies, cool oot, challenging dungeons, and of course more crazy storylines and charming characters. NCSoft is taking a slightly different direction with some of the content in Destination Arkterra, as some of the quests and dungeons are designed for lone players and also for groups of adventurers. Check out the official launch trailer below to get a good idea of what’s in store for Wildstar fans.

As you can see from the video, there are all kinds of brand new areas and interesting landscapes to explore. For anyone that hasn’t yet played Wildstar, the game is completely free-to-play, and can be downloaded from the official Wildstar website by clicking on the green button below.

Source: Official Press Release

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