Game of the Day: Wildstar (PC)

11/22/2015 04:00 am by Benjamin Robson in Game of the DayDownload GamesPC Games

Wildstar - Our Game of the Day

It’s been a while since we have chosen an MMORPG for our Game of the Day, so we thought it was about time we recommended something new and exciting in the genre. Wildstar is the latest game from NCSoft, and we really think you should check it out.

For those that haven’t heard of this fantasy MMO, it’s a nice blend of futuristic storytelling, and fun game-mechanics. You get to choose from a wide range of races and classes, ranging from adorable to terrifying, then start an adventure on the planet of Nexus, fighting to secure victory for your faction.

Unique Races and Classes

One of the main reasons we have chosen Wildstar as the Game of the Day is due to the unique classes and characters in the game. It’s not like your normal MMORPG where the most meaningful choice available is if you want play as a dwarf or an elf; Wildstar gives you interesting characters with different classes. For example there are small furry creatures called the Chua, which resemble crazed bunny rabbit, and huge rock-skinned behemoths called Granok. All of the aspects of Wildstar offer the player something new and exciting to play with, with a good dose of humor included. Check out the launch trailer below to see what we mean.

As we mentioned before, Wildstar doesn’t simply let you pick a mage or hunter; it has classes that you won’t be used to. If you like dealing loads of damage, maybe the Esper, a powerful psychic warrior, is the class for you. More of a support player? Roll with the Engineer and use bots to help your allies and wreak havoc amongst the enemy ranks.

If you haven’t yet played Wildstar, then click the button below to head over to the website and download the game for free. You’ll be in for something new!

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