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Westbound Description

Saddle up and put your building hat on for this unique town building game based in an unknown mysterious land not far from Oregon country. Can you and your crew turn what seems like a deserted wasteland into a thriving western town?


Westbound is a strategic building game where you explore hidden canyons and discover ancient mysteries with the hope of finding lost treasure and gold to build a civilization with. This game is compatible with Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is available in the respective online app store to download and play free of charge.

Starting out with nothing but yourself and your small gang of settlers, you must explore the surroundings and find the right resources to begin building your town. The more you explore the Westbound map the more you will realize that there is more to this land than meets the eye. Use your tools to find gold and silver, race to uncover lost treasure and ancient artifacts, all whilst gaining valuable currency to start building your dream town in the free-to-play title.

This mobile app will put your time keeping skills to the test as you progress through the Westbound missions and your town begins to flourish. Build ranches, attend to crops and livestock, whilst not forgetting your citizens to ensure that everything is running as it should, and remember not to get lost in the never-ending expanse of mysterious unchartered land.

Providing you have the right resources you can build anything from western saloons to strawberry farms to benefit your town and its people. Always remember that the more your town grows the harder it becomes to look after. You must put your characters to work to ensure the crops and livestock are all taken care of. Don’t fret though as new characters will come into play in this mobile game.

There's also the possibility to buy extra characters to help your original crew ensuring that you don’t work them to the bone. Finally, as your town blossoms into the "best town in the west", new missions will come to light that will see you exploring further through the hidden canyons, deeper down the mines, and higher up the Rocky Mountains.

Westbound Screenshots

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