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What to expect:
  • Cute Kittens and Puppies
  • Breed Your Very Own Animals
  • Customize Your Pet Store with Unique Items
  • Make Sure that Your Customers Feel Comfortable
  • Take Care of Your Animals and Play with Them
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  • Online Games
  • Upjers
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Play with Puppies and Kittens in Wauies

Raise your own virtual puppy and learn to love it like it was real! In Wauies, you get to own your own pet store...


It is not easy to own a cat or a dog. It involves a lot of work, patience, and a lot of responsibility. Without your support, your little pet will just whither away. When you open your very own pet store in the browser based game Wauies - The Pet Shop Game, you will soon realize what it takes to not only run a successful business, but also tend to younger and older cats and dogs. You will not only need to love your pets, but also be a smart businessman (or woman) and make some money!

A Store for Animal Lovers

When you choose to become the proud owner of a pet store, you will first get the key to your very shop. It is up to you to decorate it according to your own taste. As you would expect, you will not be overrun by customers from the very beginning. All good things have to start somewhere. This gives you enough time to improve your store and invest time and energy into its presentation. The more you invest, the more people will learn about it. The number one thing that customers care about is that your pets are well taken care of. The happier your cats and dogs are, the more animal lovers are attracted. The success of your your pet store is all up to you!

Dackshund, Pug, or Persian Cat?

You will find basically any breed you can think of in Wauies - The Pet Shop Game. You will not only be able to take care of those precious Persian Cats, but also fun Labrador Retrievers or tiny Chihuahuas. Over time you will create your very own animal paradise in the free-to-play pet game. Kittens and puppies should be placed in their very own crates where they will feel completely content. Make sure that they have the necessary amount of toys in order to feel happy and fully engaged.

How exactly your pet store will look is entirely up to you. The browser game features endless options for customizing it according to your taste. Your number one goal is to create a place where your pets feel happy and your customers feel like purchasing an animal. Naturally, all you want as a pet shop owner is to make sure that pets and their new owners are great matches.

The free-to-play simulation is available for free in the browser of your choice. All you need to do is register an account by clicking on the green button.

Wauies Screenshots

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Wauies News

  • Wauies: International Launch of the Pet Game

    02/03/2016 07:34 am - Upjers has exciting news for all fans of fluffy and adorable kittens and puppies. Their browser based pet game called Wauies – The Pet Shop Game has now been launched in international territories, including the US. The name “Wauies” is derived from t...more

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