Wartune: New Patch Brings New Content in Free-to-Play Online Game

09/12/2012 22:19 pm by Kyle Hayth in NewsBrowser GamesMMORPG



The hybrid RPG-strategy game, Wartune, will be getting a major update in the near future that is packed full of new features and content. Such things as the Double Skill System and The Mystery Shop give players more to do than ever before.

Reality Squared Games, publishers of Wartune, have just sent out a press release highlighting all of the new things to come with patch 1.3.5. The new patch is now live and that means that everyone can enjoy the new features. There are a couple highlights that have made this recent update quite big and so we decided to select them from the long list of introductions for you.
The Double Skill System adds flexibility to the free-to-play hybrid title, giving players the chance to select and use a variety of class skills. This also provides the opportunity to utilize the full potential of their class.

Honor is the way players earn rank and honor can only be earned in the hard-fought matches in the Battlegrounds. Once a certain honor level is reached, the Honor System gives players the chance to purchase equipment and items using insignias in the Arena Shop.

Speaking of equipment, there also a series of new PvP sets available in the Arena Shop. These sets are powerful and could really give you a cutting edge in the arena…

Source: Press release/Game homepage
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