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Wartune Description

As a legendary hero who possesses powerful abilities, you will have to save your city in a combination of action-packed fantasy role-playing and a complex strategy game.


Wartune is a combination of a classic roleplaying game and strategy game. You begin your campaign by choosing your character as well as your class. Among others, your hero can either be a mighty warrior, silent rogue, or even a mage that weaves powerful spells. Depending on what character class you choose, you will have different weapons and abilities. While a warrior masters the blade and heavy armor, a mage is able to wear light armor and cloaks while calling upon mystical powers to do massive damage.

As soon as your hero is exactly how you want him or her to be, you can jump into the two-dimensional world of Wartune. Here, you will encounter and fight all kinds of monsters that will stop at nothing to attack you in turn-based battles. This combat gameplay allows you to make tactical decisions in anticipation to your enemies' next moves. For many players, this is the preferred battle style, as it allows them to thoroughly plan their moves, without the hectic pressure of real time combat. When you defeat the inimical monsters, you will be able to earn experience points. Additionally, you encounter other characters that are ready to offer quests which are sure to challenge even the most seasoned of fighter.

The strategy part of the game comes into play as soon as you get your own city. You must protect this city and make sure the inhabitants are safe from danger. Of course, you will have to build additional structures such as houses, a blacksmith, and even a marketplace. To start collecting raw materials which can later be turned into goods, you will have to build such structures as a farm or gold mine. Throughout the course of the game, your little village will turn into a bustling metropolis. The game itself may remind players of 90s-style RPGs, mostly because of its retro graphics.

Play Wartune either in the browser of your choice or download the app for your Android or iOS device.

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