War Thunder: Presenting a New Trailer at gamescom 2015

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War Thunder

War Thunder

Another year has gone by - gamescom 2015 came and went as quickly as we expected! Many free-to-play publishers take the world's second largest gaming expo as an opportunity to remind the general public of their already launched video games. The guys and girls over at Gaijin Entertainment release a new trailer for War Thunder at gamescom every year. While last year’s trailer was completely rendered and cinematically presented, this year’s introduction video is entirely different. In-game graphics, statistics, and information about the war game are the basis for the gamescom 2015 trailer. It might be a matter of personal taste which one you prefer, but it’s definitely a good reminder for the general public to show them what they’re missing by not playing War Thunder. Check it out here:

The free-to-play online game was not the main star during Gaijin’s gamescom attendance. After all, the studio was busy raising awareness for their upcoming online game called Crossout. It didn’t matter too much, however, that War Thunder had to take a step back during the expo. Gaijin already made sure to inform their community before the gamescom that they will be adding British tanks to the shooter towards the end of the year.

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