War Thunder: Tips for Torpedo Bombing

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The latest update has brought a bunch of new players to the war game War Thunder. One of the most difficult things to master for new players is how to drop the perfect torpedo in air battles. We are here to help.

Torpedo Bombing in War Thunder is dangerous; you have to fly your flimsy aircraft right into the sights of the anti-aircraft guns of the target ship, and any other ships in the vicinity. In order to land a hit and get those sweet, sweet points, some tactics and skill are required. Read on to get tips on landing the perfect torpedo onto those pesky destroyers or heavy cruisers.

Ground and Air Battles

Ground and Air Battles

High Altitude Approach

One thing a lot of new players do when they first try torpedo bombers is just fly straight at the target ship and hope for the best. The only thing that this tactic is good for is finding your way to the bottom of the sea after being torn apart by anti-aircraft fire. There are a number of steps to take that will make your torpedo bombing runs successful every time:

  • Start your run at an altitude of 2-3 km in order to avoid the AA fire from the target ship.
  • When you are at around 2km away from the target, dive to an altitude of about 100 meters.
  • Keep the aiming indicator steady and focused on the enemy ship.
  • Drop the torpedo when you’re at a range of between 500m to 1km away from the target.
  • Once the torpedo is loose, immediately pull up to avoid and of the anti-aircraft fire.
  • Wait for a few seconds to see if your torpedo has hit the target.

Moving Targets

Sometimes you will need to land a torpedo hit onto a target that is moving; usually a destroyer or heavy cruiser. Scoring hits on these targets is a little trickier than a still ship as you have to lead the target by a fair amount if you want to be successful. Another tactic is releasing the torpedo at the very last second, around 150m, to be sure to hit the ship; although this is very dangerous as you’re extremely vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.

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