War Thunder: Boelcke’s Guide on Being a Successful Fighter

03/27/2013 05:31 am by Kyle Hayth in Tips & TricksDownload GamesAction

Continuing and completing our War Thunder “tip series” (Being an Effective BomberUtilizing the Attack Aircraft), this time we present to you the famed Dicta Boelcke. These eight rules of aerial combat are the basics that every fighter pilot should have memorized in order to not only be successful, but to survive as well. Remember these rules and you will hopefully become an ace pilot in no time at all.

1 - Secure the Upper Hand

Before you start your attack in your fighter, try as hard as you can to have “the upper hand”. This can be achieved by fulfilling some of or all of the following points:

Speed – The pilot of the faster machines has the control in combat. You can choose to break the attack and leave the field if you feel inclined to do so.

Altitude – A pilot with higher altitude has much more control of how and when combat will begin. Diving upon opponents can give you a sizable advantage in speed.

Surprise – Getting the first shot before your opponent is prepared is the most preferred form of attack.

Performance – Knowing the strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of your aircraft – and those of your foe - is key.

2 - Follow Through

Once you have committed to an attack on an opponent – stick with it. Though you may be afraid you will get shot down after starting a fight, turning away and running makes a bad situation even worse. This will present your vulnerable back side to your opponent, making for an even easier target than before.

Staying in the fight and “mixing it up” with the enemy increases your chances of survival. Wait for your enemy to make a mistake or flee and then you can break off the engagement.

3 - The Whites of Their Eyes

There is that old saying “don’t fire until you can see the whites of their eyes”. This, of course, was for muskets back in the day. However, opening fire at close range is also vital to success in a combat situation with aircraft in War Thunder.

Opening fire at 1km or more is essentially useless and you have very little chance of actually hitting your opponent. It is much better to wait until you are within 100-200m until opening fire. This is also important because, although you have “unlimited” ammunition in-game, you still have reloading time… and if you are caught in the middle of an engagement reloading, you are essentially a sitting duck.

4 - Keep Your Eye on the Target

Perhaps the most obvious of Boelcke’s rules is to keep your eye on your opponent and never be deceived by ruses or tactics. This may sound simple, but it can be much harder to do than it seems. In the confusion of air combat – in War Thunder with roughly 32 players going at each other – it can be easy to lose track of your adversary. If you lose sight of your opponent for one second, the advantage of the battle has been shifted to him or her. This can happen in War Thunder as well when performing a tight turn and “blacking out”.

Additionally, do not fall for any simple feign tactics. Try to maintain position behind your opponent and even if it seems they are out of the fight, continue attacking until you are sure that you have defeated them. This also leads to the next point…
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