War Thunder: Utilizing the Attack Aircraft

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Last week, we presented you with a tip to help survive a bombing run in the free-to-play sim War Thunder. This week, we thought it would only be fair to help you take down those pesky bombers now that they seem to be surviving a lot longer (we hope our tip helped!). The “attacker” aircraft make this possible – heavily armed and with defenses of their own, these aircraft are versatile and very good at taking down slow, lumbering bombers.

Bigger… But Packs a Punch

The “attacker” class in War Thunder features larger aircraft than those classified as fighters. The fighters are designed to make tight turns, smooth dives and quick climbs. Attackers, on the other hand, pack a punch but sacrifice some maneuverability. This is one of the reasons that attackers are particularly suited to take down bombers – while not as agile as fighters, attackers can easily out maneuver a bomber and they can also reach the high altitudes where the bombers are.

One of the newest aircraft to be released with Update 1.29

For this tip, we decided to choose the new German attacker – the Do. 217-J1. Though there is also a bomber variant, in the attacker tree there are three of these particular aircraft.

Start Like a Bomber – Finish Like a Fighter

Much like when starting out with a bomber, one of the first things you will want to do when entering combat is go to a higher altitude. This is generally a golden rule for combat aviation but you aren’t just going up to get an altitude advantage, you also need to reach the bombers that are flying (generally) around 2500-3500m.

Once you have reached the right altitude, it is important to pay attention to the bombers defenses. The best way to do that is to come from behind and at a high angle to the bomber. This gives you the opportunity to shoot at a large target and quickly enter, then leave the range of the gunners.

Red: Bomber's flight path - Blue: Your flightpath, explained above and continued below.

The rest is simple… rinse and repeat. After passing the bomber at a downward angle, pull back and perform a slow, wide turn at an upward angle which will put you back in your starting position. This is where the “fighter” part comes in – unleash all of your weapons on the bomber to bring it down as quickly as possible. With the Do. 217-J1, this is quite easy as it sports not only four machine guns, but four cannons as well.

Not Just a Big Target with Cannons Up Front

A large majority of attacker aircraft also have their own defenses. Seeing as how attackers are generally larger, sometimes this can make them a rather easy target for the more agile fighters. To help survivability, attackers have rear-facing turrets and, depending on the aircraft, more than one.
This is incredibly useful as sometimes bombers will have a fighter escort. Your turrets will help keep your tail clear when focusing on taking down those bombers!
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