War Thunder: Being an Effective Bomber

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There are various types of aircraft available to players in the free-to-play flight simulator title, War Thunder. Each type of aircraft – whether it is a fighter, attacker or bomber – requires you to use different tactics to be effective on the battlefield. Bombers are the most important when it comes to taking out ground targets, which are the key to victory in a number of scenarios. This tip points out the finer details of taking a bomber into battle.

High Altitude

As you may have guessed, having a high altitude is crucial to being an effective bomber in War Thunder. The reason behind this is the higher you are, the harder it is for other aircraft to come up and reach you. This is especially the case in early game when other players do not have the most powerful fighters or weapons to reach you.
An effective altitude is between 2500m and 3500m – below that and fighters can easily see you and hunt you down. However, the higher you go, the less accurate your bombing becomes because of the time it takes your bombs to reach their targets and the sheer distance between you and your targets.

Proper Gunners

After a few successful bombing runs, you can upgrade various parts of your aircraft with experience points earned with any given aircraft. One of the most important things to level on your bomber is gunners. These gunners will prevent you from being a big, lumbering target for quick fighters and give you the chance to fight back.

Upgrading the number of experienced gunners, their accuracy and vitality will greatly improve your chances for survival.

The gunner experience page.

Avoiding Fighters

So, you have experienced gunners and are cruising along at a nice altitude… however, every now and then a fighter is able to make its way up to you and start tearing into you. Of course, you are a big target but your gunners have your back. Although, you have to keep in mind that the gunners have a limited range of motion in which they can target aircraft.

Pitch left or right and pull your nose up to start a slow climb.

One of the best ways to defend against fighters and give your gunners a chance to shoot them out of the air is to maintain a slight incline while pitching either to the left or right. That way, your gunners will always have the enemy fighter in their sights and the fighter will continually be losing speed – meaning they will eventually have to give up the chase or stall out!
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