War Thunder Test: Free-to-Play Flight Sim Is Action-Packed

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It seems that in the last year or so, there have been a number of “simulation” games – ranging from tanks to aircraft, these sims give players the chance to experience some of the most iconic vehicles from the 20th century. One of the newest flight sims, War Thunder, has just recently entered the Open Beta testing phase so we figured it would be a great time to put the fledgling title to the test.

Getting the Feel for Aircraft

To be honest, we haven’t played too many flight simulators since we were younger – seeing as we are in the free-to-play branch of games and there just have not been that many. Therefore, the task of climbing into a cockpit and taking to the skies was somewhat daunting.

After creating an account and logging in, we got to the main screen. Here, we could choose from the five available countries (America, Germany, Japan, England and the Soviet Union) to view the aircraft we were allowed to use, view the tutorials and access all of the other features in-game.

Naturally, we went right for the tutorial because we wanted to get to know our aircraft before jumping head-first into a dog fight. The tutorials themselves were easy to understand and slowly led us through the basics steps of getting our aircraft off of the ground. Once we had completed the first three (the basics of flying), the next few tutorials showed us how to perform certain maneuvers, such as dive bombing, which would make us much more effective in combat. In fact, we found the tutorials to be one of the most informative and easy-to-follow we have ever experienced.
One of the other things we really found appealing about the controls in War Thunder is the number of ways you can customize your flying experience. Not only can players use a mouse/keyboard combination or a joystick, but a combination of the two which can easily be set up using the Control Setup Wizard.

The First Dogfight… of Many

At the moment, War Thunder is essentially a multiplayer-only title. There is a dynamic campaign, but that is also designed to be played alongside other players. The other game modes – Arcade Battle, Historic Battle, Full Battle – pit players against one another in fast-paced combat with different scenarios within each mode.

Choosing between Arcade, Historical and Full Real Battles.

Arcade Battle features all armies and a variety of missions for players to participate in. This game mode, when compared to Historical Battle or Full Battle which only allows for certain armies at the moment, gives players the opportunity to play all armies. We decided to head right into battle with the three starting bi-planes of the German army.

Once in-game, we immediately noticed the sheer number of players. The sky was filled with little black dots that were our teammates and our enemies. Because we were a very low level at this point (read: level 1), there was really only one scenario available to us that had us shooting down enemy aircraft and destroying lightly-armored ground targets.
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