War Thunder: New Vehicles, Maps, and More in Patch 1.57

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War Thunder

War Thunder

The next update for the action MMO War Thunder is almost ready for release. The developers over at Gaijin are currently finishing some last few things for patch 1.57 and are making sure to create some buzz before its release. Among many other things, the game update will bring a plethora of new ground based vehicles and aircraft that will expand the German, Soviet, Japanese, and British factions. Players can look forward to the aircrafts Sea Venom FAW.20, S.25 Sunderland, P-61 “Black Widow”, Fw 189 “Uhu”, Do-335 as well as the tanks T-44-100, Falcon AA, KV-1S, FV4004 Conway, Tiger II Sla.16, and more.

As though that wasn’t enough, the upcoming patch also adds another map to the war game. The location is called Volokolamsk, and it is located in the Moscow Area in the winter of 1941. It features a frozen lake, several traditional Russian villages, and a railway embankment. The map is based on the area around the Volokolamsk Highway where the Nazis fought General Paniflov’s division. With the help of the film crew of Paniflov’s 28, the developers hoped to achieve a high degree of realism and historical accuracy. Players get to choose in which game mode they want to visit the map.

The new location in War Thunder.

On top of the new content, Gaijin is also balancing various ground vehicles with the new update. Additionally, the thermodynamics for the aircraft engines in the simulation mode will be improved. The full patch notes will be available once the patch goes live.

Source: Official game homepage

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