War Thunder: Dev Blog Reveals New Snowy Map

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New Map Coming to War Thunder

The free-to-play war game War Thunder is getting a brand new map in the near future! In their latest developer blog, Gaijin Entertainment revealed that they have been working on a new map for War Thunder.

Fans of War Thunder never have to wait long between updates to their favorite game, and this time around players can look forward to taking their tanks onto a snowy battlefield set in a mountain pass. The War Thunder dev blog is constantly updated to let us all in on what’s been going on behind closed doors at Gaijin Entertainment. This last announcement shows off one of the most interesting looking War Thunder maps to-date, featuring a mountain pass, railway station, and war-torn buildings.

Snowy Valley Map in War Thunder

Snowy Air & Land Battles

Anyone that has played War Thunder will know that players have the unique opportunity to take part in the battles in either an aircraft or a tank. This brand new winter-themed map is no exception, as players will be able to pilot their favorite aircraft and drive their most-loved tanks into battle in the “Snowy Valley”. The upcoming map includes loads of different scenery and buildings that create multiple tactical and strategic options for players to try out, on top of some beautiful scenery to keep things looking nice during the matches. Check out some screenshots below to see what the map looks like in action.

As you can see it’s a really good-looking map, and we are excited to see what experience War Thunder players will be able to achieve when discovering the different strategic options available. As soon as we get any more War Thunder new we will be sure to publish a new article explaining the changes coming to the game. War Thunder is completely free-to-play, and can be downloaded by clicking the button below and heading over to the official website.

Source: Official War Thunder Website

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