War Thunder: Royal Armour Update Is Live

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Royal Armour in War Thunder

War Thunder is getting a taste of the British armed forces in this latest Royal Armour update. There are brand new tanks, aircraft, and a desert-themed map in the new content patch for the war game.

We broke the news that the Royal Armour update would be released back in July, and the time has finally come for the mighty British tanks to roll out onto the battlefield and assert their dominance over other players. The update turns out to be much bigger than expected with not only the new British tanks, but also a number of different aircraft and a map set in Tunisia.

Royal Armour

A New British Tank in War Thunder

There are over 30 new British vehicles being added to the war game, each of which have been carefully researched by the War Thunder team. Not all of the tanks are being added straight away, with a lot of them coming over the next few weeks. For more information about these new tanks, check out our previous article on the new vehicles, which include Valentines, Matildas, Churchills and Cromwells.

Air Superiority

On top of these awe-inspiring British vehicles, there are 9 new aircraft being added to the game. Some of the most iconic planes from history are about to take to the skies in the free-to-play war game. There is the Mig-17 Soviet jet fighter, which is an excellent dogfighter. There is also the first ever American biplane joining the fleet. These planes will all be released as soon as the patch goes live.

Rumble in the Desert

The new desert-themed maps, set in Tunisia and El Alamein give War Thunder players a load more tactical and strategic options when doing battle. The maps promote more close quarter battles and have plenty of terrain to open up to opportunity for some deadly ambushes against enemy convoys.

War Thunder is completely free-to-play and is available for download by clicking the button below.

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