War Thunder: Firestorm Update Is Now Live

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Firestorm Update now Live in War Thunder

One of the biggest updates for War Thunder has finally been rolled out to the servers. Fans of the free-to-play tank and aviation game have a lot to look forward to in this update. There are new ground vehicles and maps to explore.

War Thunder didn’t want to miss out on the flurry of news about war based games lately, and has just announced that the latest 1.53 update is now live on the servers. This new patch includes new rocket launcher systems, a physics engine, British ground forces, and combat locations. This is a pretty big update with over 20 new vehicles, so I hope you’re sitting comfortably.

Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems

There are three of these new Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems. There’s the M26 Pershing tank with a T99 rocket system strapped to the side, the Panzerwerfer 42, and the BM-24-8. These new vehicles are great at providing a barrage of high explosive rockets to push enemies back and blow holes in their armor.

Rocket Launcher System Fitted to a Tank in War Thunder

Physics Changes

The War Thunder team are constantly trying to add more realism to their downloadable game, and this time they have incorporated some of the NVIDIA GameWorks technology to include a load of new destructible objects, such as walls, ruins, buildings, and more. Gaijin Entertainment are hoping that this will open up new strategic possibilities and make more dynamic battles. To start with, these destructible objects will be in the Berlin, Stalingrad and Advance to the Rhine maps.

British Forces

The line of British tanks have been long anticipated in War Thunder, and the community has been asking for these tanks for a while. With this “Firestorm” update, there are four new British vehicles being included in the game, with the main British ground force being included by the end of 2015.

Ground Combat Locations

The two new locations included in the war game are based on real locations in Stalingrad and Cologne. The maps have been recreated using real photographs of the areas, in an attempt to make the maps feel as realistic and immersive as possible. The Stalingrad tractor plant district is a map set in an open industrial area, whereas Advance to the Rhine is based on late-war Cologne with its small streets and massive cathedral.

The Advance to the Rhine Map Set in Cologne

Overall, this is a pretty big update for War Thunder, and it will be good to see how the community takes to the new maps and the new tactical opportunities in-game. War Thunder is available completely free-to-play and can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Source: Official Website

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