Warstory: Several Bug Fixes in 'Europe in Flames' Update to War-themed Browser Game!

09/28/2011 03:58 am in News

A game update has been deployed for the browser based game Warstory, bringing new content, bug fixes, and more to the free-to-play strategy game Warstory. Players can expect changes and bug fixes to the rank list, cities, and commander search as part of the Europe in Flames update.


As part of the Warstory game update, players will be able to enjoy a new Commander Search. With the Commander Search, you are able to locate specific commanders, an option that functions across all operations. Additionally, players will now be able to view how their competitors and their comrades are performing – this will benefit players and help them to make more strategic moves in the browser based game Warstory.

Additionally, there has been a reduction in the necessary secondary war targets in the War Phase 3, in response to requests from players – this will ensure more dynamic and interesting gameplay. Lastly, the error in the battle contribution of Support Troops in Operation Enigma has been corrected, and is back to running smoothly.

Warstory is a free-to-play war game set in the Second World War in Europe. Players battle against each other for control, strategically guiding troops, planning ambushes, and using tactics to become the ultimate ruler of Europe.

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