Warstory: Update to World War II Strategy Game Adds More Friends and Features

03/30/2011 05:19 am in News

Version 2.0 has been launched by development studio Chimera Entertainment for the free-to-play, browser-based game, Warstory – Europe in Flames. There are loads of new features that are included in the update such as the Facebook-Connect login, gifting options and even a daily login bonus.


Warstory – Europe in Flames now has more to offer you than ever before with the launch of Version 2.0. There have been many new features added as well as rewards for your hard-earned territory in the fight to reclaim Europe and be the first to free Berlin.

Some of the new features include a Daily Login Bonus and a revised Commander’s Screen. The Daily Login Bonus will reward you simply for logging in on a day-to-day basis. The rewards will also increase the more consistently that you log into the game and manage your troops. The revised Commander’s Screen gives you a much better overview of your vital statistics and information, streamlining your ability gather interesting data about the target player.

You can also log into the game directly with your Facebook account now by utilizing the Facebook-Connect login. However, this isn't the only thing added to bring more social features to the game because with the new update, you can earn some serious bonuses for inviting friends and helping them out with your officers!

These are, of course, just a preview of everything that has been added, changed or improved to Warstory - Europe in Flames with Version 2.0. There are also new special units, a new rewards system for capital cities and even revisions to the premium packages.

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