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Warstory Description

The Second World War is raging, and it is up to you to join either the Soviet or the US forces in your bid to stop the axis from taking reign over all of Europe...


Warstory is a free-to-play strategy MMOG set in the heart of the action and terror of World War II. Your mission is to liberate Europe from the grips of the terrifying Wehrmacht axis as you fight your way to Berlin as either a Soviet or US soldier. Warstory contains cooperative game play, as you coordinate attacks with allies and band together to overthrow the enemies. Warstory is a season-based online game, with each season bringing a new intense battle against the aggressive German opponents. You fight in real locations across Europe including Frankfurt, Rome, Lyon, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Belgrade.

You have several heroes in the strategy online game, which are fully customizable. With experience your heroes increase both their skills and strength, and become a crucial element in your victory over evil. There are over 50 units to choose from in Warstory, as well as thousands of weaponry and equipment items to use in battle.

You will find over 50 battlefields in the browser-based online game in which you bravely fight your opponents and the Wehrmacht axis in real-time battles, in the name of restoring peace and order to Europe. You lead a fierce and powerful company across Europe in the action of World War II alongside the Americans or the Soviets. Race to Berlin and determine the outcome of the Second World War. In the in-game real-time battles you wage flank attacks, engage in heavy crossfire, and lead your brave soldiers to the frontline. The browser game Warstory is won by overthrowing all enemy soldiers, in turn liberating Europe from the grips of the evil Wehrmacht.

by Kyle Hayth

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