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Warrior Epic
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Warrior Epic Description

A classic hack-and-slash client game featuring in-depth 3D graphics, unique characters and combat-rich game play. Dive into a fantasy world full of action...


Warrior Epic is an MMORPG set in a colorful 3D fantasy world. Return peace and prosperity to the land corrupted by the first great world war, by slaying the thriving evil enemies. Adopt several brave and heroic warrior characters and engage in bloody PvP and PvE combat in the unique role-playing game, Warrior Epic. There are six character classes in client game Warrior Epic, and additional classes for you to discover as you progress through the game.

These characters include the Assassin, the Devotress, the Dungeon Archer, the Illusionist, the Pangolan and the Pit Fighter. The Assassin is cold, tenacious and expert in the use of firearms. The Devotress is a supporting character and strive to defend civilization with their skilled use of Shield Combat. The Dungeon Archer is an expert at ranged attacks, and can even infuse their arrows with the elements. The Illusionist is extremely powerful, is feared by many, and has a penchant for torture. The Pangolan acts as a loyal guide or tracker and is highly educated in the power of magic healing.

In Warrior Epic battles, players harness a range of powerful skills, as well as destructive damage effects including force damage, toxic damage and piercing damage. Players can wield the powers of their spiritual allies to overthrow their opponents in Warrior Epic. Uncover all of the different parts of the town, including the hall, the town centre, the barracks, the war room, the sanctuary and the workshop. Collect dropped items and use them to customize your warrior and your hall. Accept dangerous quests and missions and be rewarded with prestige points, equipment, or even a fiery monster.

by Kyle Hayth

Warrior Epic Screenshots

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