WarpFire Classic
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WarpFire Classic
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WarpFire Classic Description

Choose a side of power in the universe and show what a great warrior you are. In this strategy game many exciting battles await you on your way to supremacy in space...


Supremacy over the vastness of the universe is not far away anymore. Every day, you can be a part of the universe’s virtual conquest. You cannot leave it to the others. After all, the enemy forces have always longed to greedily gain more and more power.

In WarpFire, the massive multiplayer strategy game, you take on the role of a fleet commander who fights with his spaceship for one of the two rival powers. The classical battle between good and evil starts in the virtual WarpFire Galaxy. Before you walk into the conning bridge for the first time you have to decide for yourself: are you on the side of the pirates or the commercial concerns?

The course of your development as a fleet commander will be marked by your ability to acquire resources. Only with enough materials you will be able to equip your fleet for battle and to quickly do needed repairs. With your fleet, you fly through the vastness of the universe, complete quests and eliminate opponents.

The WarpFire universe is divided into 16 sectors connected by jump gates. The game concept is simple and even absolute beginners in the WarpFire world can find their way quickly. Easier quests facilitate the beginning.

by Kyle Hayth

WarpFire Classic Screenshots

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