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War of Titans
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War of Titans Description

Prove your courage and go back to the ancient Colosseum as a gladiator! Strong opponents are awaiting you there and they will take you to your limits. Don’t turn back now and stand up to the fight...


Now you have the opportunity to put your courage to the test. In War of Titans numerous powerful enemies are waiting just to destroy you. Will you emerge victorious from the fight?

War of Titans is another online game from Bigpoint, which contains a thrilling gladiator story. Your task in the War of Titans is to equip your gladiator with everything he needs for a successful one-on-one fight.

To do this you have many different weapons, protective gear, and various alloys for your armor available. How you equip your fighter is left to your own tactical sense. There's something for every taste.

In War of Titans you get a chance to visit the most secluded corners of ancient Europe, because with each completed level you open new provinces, where new missions and duels are waiting for you.

So try out one of the many arenas and send your gladiator to battle against thousands of real opponents! Bloody, relentless battles await you in War of Titans. The only question is: Will you run away in fear of your powerful opponents, or will you face the challenge and become a hero?

See how well you can handle a blade and get on your way into the arena of death!

by Kyle Hayth

War of Titans Screenshots

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