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What to expect:
  • Strategic Fantasy Game with Tactical Depth
  • Various Weapons, Units, and Upgrades
  • Find a Guild and Play with Friends
  • Turn-Based Combat System
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Play Warlords and Fight against Orcs

Are you ready for a strategic battle? Then Warlords is the right game for you! Build an army and head into war.


The harbor town Dewport is in great danger! Hordes of Orcs are approaching the city in order to siege the most important place in the fantasy world of Warlords. Obviously, you can’t let that happen. You fight back with all might and put those pesky creatures in their place. The only way you can do that is with a powerful army. An army doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, which is why you will constantly work on improving and expanding your troops. You will begin with just a handful of militia, but before you know it, you will have access to a powerful army with a great variety of different units. Each type of troop has their very own strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are tough and resilient, perfect for the forefront of each battle. Other units are more fragile and are better equipped for precisely attacking enemies from further away.

Endless Weapons, Upgrades, and Skills to Explore

Warlords is a turn-based strategy game that features very profound gameplay. Each battle takes place on a map with hexagon shaped tiles on which you will move your troops step by step. You will not only have the choice between various types of troops in Warlords, but you will also be able to upgrade their weapons and armor. Additionally, you can improve your heroes’ skills to make sure that they defeat even more Orcs than before. With the vast selection of units, weapons, skills, and other equipment, the strategy game features endless tactical options. Each player can build an army that will perfectly reflect their preferred play style.

Become Part of a Guild in Warlords and Take Part in Epic Battles

With each successful fight, you will take back a piece of land from the pesky Orcs and expand your own area of influence. You will get to explore the vast world of the fantasy game and search for other allies. You have the chance to join a guild in order to take on more powerful enemies. Come up with a joint strategy and defeat your opponents. In the online ranking of the mobile game, you can compare yourself to other players from all around the world.

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