Warframe Test: Taking Back Space – One Planet at a Time

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There are a couple things we here at find super cool in life. One of those is ninjas. Another? Well, that is science-fiction. The free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe combines both of these ideas into one action-packed title. We figured it would be a good idea to put this game to the test and see what space ninjas has to offer. This test will address the basic gameplay, mechanics and overall feel of the game – enjoy!

Future. Space. Ninjas. Bad Guys.

Warframe takes place in a strange and distant future where the solar system is ruled by some genetically altered super humans known as the Grineer. When first starting out, we assumed the role of one of the “Tenno” – mighty fighters from a bygone age who were preserved in cryopods for centuries and are similar to cyber ninjas. This is where our adventure began… to take the fight to these cloned monstrosities.

Most of the standard character selection elements were available to us in Warframe. We could choose from one of three “classes” (which are actually dependent upon our Warframe, but we will get into that later). We decided to go with the most balanced of them and marched forward into battle.
The tutorial began much like in other shooters with a helpful narrator known as Lotus. She walked us through the basic steps of the third-person shooter and let us get a feel for the basic controls. We even got to tear through a myriad of Grineer right away.

Taking Back the Solar System

The mission system in Warframe is not quite story driven but not quite totally random either. After we made it through the tutorial we were presented with a map of the solar system. The idea is to take back the planets one at a time from the grip of the Grineer and to fend off attacks from the other baddies known as the Corpus.
The first mission was “on” Mercury. From the looks of it, we would have to start at the inside of the solar system and work our way out. After selecting the planet, we were presented with a series of missions, each one unlocked by completing the previous one. This chain of missions eventually allowed us to free up the area around and the Mercury. More interestingly, there were also little side missions that popped up occasionally in the system, such as an enemy escort or civilians that had been taken hostage. We found these missions to be a little tougher than the main story, which made for some tough fights in between regular missions.
A nice feature of this third-person shooter is that it focuses on co-op play. When joining a mission, you have the opportunity to be paired with another player, choose to play with just your friends or even go it alone. We played solo most of the time to maximize our experience gain and amount of practice we got, but the missions were certainly easier and more fun when played with a friend.
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