Warframe: Quest in the Silver Grove and New Warframe Titania

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The developers over at Digital Extremes have just released a new content update for their free-to-play shooter Warframe. It features a brand new quest called The Silver Grove, which gave the patch its name. The New Loka is asking players to protect the sacred forest from the approaching Grineer. The patch’s highlight is probably the addition of the new Warframe called “Titania”. This warrior allows players to attack their enemies with swarms of butterflies and mesmerize and distract them with shiny lures. As a first in the third-person shooter, the Warframe can morph into a flying fairy who spreads fairy dust.

Another new feature of The Silver Grove update is the Glyph System. Glyphs allow players to make a statement in the environment to tell their enemies that they have been there. After players defeat an opponent they will leave behind a Glyph design that they chose before. As if that wasn’t enough, Digital Extremes has also simplified the Fusion System and added new weapons and skins.

Fans of the team sport Lunaro can also look forward to some additional content. The game mode adds a new arena. The map is based on the Steel Meridian map. Various ramps and a sideways net add a fun twist to the gameplay. With the patch, the Lunaro game mode will now start with a warm up phase whenever there’s not enough players to begin a match. Last but not least, there’s some improvements for the gameplay and the matchmaking as well as volunteer servers for smoother gameplay.

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