Warframe: Introducing Cat Companions in Update

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The Warframe community is still desperately awaiting the next major expansion called The War Within which will continue the story of the third-person shooter. Players will have to remain a little bit more patient, as its release will take a while. There's no reason to fret though, as developer Digital Extremes has just released another patch that brings a lot of new content to the free-to-play game. The update is called Specters of the Rail, and it brings the new Kavat Companions to Warframe. These alien cats are new companions for players’ heroes, and they are available in two different breeds. The Adarza Kavats are rather offensive kitties whose Cat’s Eye ability gives players 5 seconds of guaranteed critical hits on all nearby Tenno. The Smeeta Kavats are comparably more aloof possessing the ability to become invisible while a decoy Kavat runs towards the enemy.

With the addition of the feline friends, Digital Extremes has completely overhauled the entire companion system in Warframe. Players get to decide whether a young pet should stay small and continue to roam through their spaceship or whether they should grow up and join them in battle. Companions can also be upgraded with armor or other modifications.

Specters of the Rail also thoroughly overhauls Archwing. It now has a new support class called Amesha, two new game modes, and new weapons. As if that wasn’t enough, the developers have completely reworked the Star Chart making it easier to traverse the Origin System. Last but certainly not least, the market has been overhauled adding lots of new features and options to the free-to-play shooter.

Source: Official game homepage

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