Warframe: The Second Dream

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The Second Dream Coming to Warframe

The free-to-play sci-fi game Warframe is getting a new update just in time for Christmas. The Second Dream is a cinematic quest that finally answers the question of what a Warframe actually is.

Digital Extremes announced the new update with a fancy cinematic trailer showing off some of the new content. Not only does The Second Dream have a long and in-depth quest, there’s also a new Archer character and a PvP map.

The Second Dream

This quest is the first cinematic quest in Warframe, and it takes players on a journey to destroy the Tenno by using an ancient and long forgotten secret. Most importantly, this new quest promises to answer the question of what a Warframe actually is, which has been on players’ lips ever since the game launched. Existing players will be able to dive straight into the quest, but new players will need to complete previous quests that lead up to the cinematic finale.

Archer Warframe

A new Warframe is joining the crew, and her abilities are great for unseen tactical strikes. She is a stealthy huntress, whose abilities center around her four tactical arrows; Cloak, Dashwire, Slumber, and Intrigue arrows. On top of this she can turn invisible, steal loot, and command a massive bow to unleash a volley of arrows at her enemies. She will be a great addition to the game and will do very well in the per PvP map, Orokin Moonbase. The new map is set on the Orokin Lunar outpost, and players have to do battle for supremacy and control of the area.

Warframe is completely free-to-play on PC and PS4, and can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Source: Official Press Release

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