Warframe: The Jordas Precept Update is Live

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The Jordas Precept Update is Live for Warframe

Players of the free-to-play shooter Warframe now have a new expansion to fight their way through, featuring a new boss, quests and weapons.

A new challenge for Warframe players is on the horizon. One of the toughest battles yet awaits sci-fi fans as they prepare to take down the latest boss, the J3 Golem. This boss requires teamwork, impressive weaponry, and fearlessness to overcome. Luckily for Warframe players, the development team has included just the right ingredients to deal with this new behemoth of a boss in the form of new weapons.

Improved Armory

The new weapons included in this update pack a big punch, and they are perfect for dealing with tough enemies such as the J3 Golem. Players can look forward to wielding the following fearsome weapons:

  • Tekko: These are iron fists that deal massive amounts of damage with each blow.
  • Convectrix: This deadly weapon uses lasers to create a circuit and fry enemies.
  • Sonicor: This is a new type of weapon that uses sonic waves to rip through foes.
  • Phaedra: This weapon will crush any free-space enemy that gets in the way.
  • Kaszas: This is a huge Archwing Scythe that lets the player become a true harbinger of death.

These weapons will give players the edge when dealing the J3 Golem in the Jordas Precept update for Warframe. On top of all of these changes, there is a new Jordas Precept quest line, new Spy Missions, and loads of new customizations for the in-game items and characters.

The update is live now, so there’s no waiting needed to get involved in this latest chapter in the Warframe universe. Warframe is available for download for free by clicking the button below.

Source: Official Press Release

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