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WarFlow Description

Set in an ancient land where three nations are perpetually at war, your goal is to build up and expand a thriving and powerful empire, and join the battle for victory...


The free-to-play real-time strategy game Warflow is based in a war torn and chaotic world, where three nations are in a constant violent struggle for ultimate reign over the land. Your mission is to establish your own empire, form powerful armies, and construct a vast and sprawling city. As your empire expands and your army strengthens, you can boldly attempt to overthrow your opponents and claim their land as your own. The winner will be the first who reigns over the entire world.

There are several buildings you will need to construct in order to run a successful empire in the browser-based game WarFlow. These include army barracks to produce soldiers, training grounds to recruit and train heroes and a war academy to research new cutting edge technologies. As you progress through the game, more buildings will be unlocked and become available to you.

Silver is the major form of currency in WarFlow, and can be obtained through taxes, military rank salary and the occupation of mines. Victory in battles will result in special rewards, such as honor and RP, which can be used to upgrade your heroes and unlock new ones, develop new technology and earn more silver. Each of your heroes will have a specialized skill area, ranging from high damage, to skill and strategy. Choose your heroes wisely and forge your path to victory.

In the browser game WarFlow you are also able to form legions with 4-8 other players, to fight against enemy NPCs. Joining a legion will bring extra rewards and bonuses for all players. Join the epic battle in WarFlow, overthrow your enemies, and become a true legend.

by Kyle Hayth

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