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Warflare Description

There's only one fantasy hero that can save us all and guess what? That special someone is you. Pick a class, get ready to battle and explore a browser game that will have you exploring dungeons and master underwater combat. Join other players today...


Every fantasy world needs a hero to keep order of things. In Warflare, this hero is you. You are asked to choose a character, unleash your inner champion and lend innocent townsfolk a helping hand in getting rid of heinous beasts such as red goblins or the netherlords. Skeletal giants and night sentries have also been spotted in this action browser game and will have to be dealt with in due time. There’s just one thing you need to do before you can embark on a new journey: Pick a class.

Three archetypes are currently available in this free-to-play title: the Archer, the Mage and the Swordsman. Each and every character has access to its own set of unique combat abilities.

Let’s shine a light on the Archer first: The scantily-clad assassin prefers to keep enemies at a safe distance and snipe down anything - or anyone - before they have a chance of getting too close. Her strengths lie in dealing damage from afar and casting beneficial spells to support her allies. The Mage, also female, wields arcane powers and likes to put her extraordinary intelligence to good use. She not only uses her innate magical talents to defy the laws of physics, but also to defend the browser game realm and protect friendly targets from certain death. Then there’s the Swordsman, a melee soldier that swings his weapon like no other Warflare character. His plate armor allows him to fight at the forefront of every battle and absorb damage that would strike down any other class.

Warflare has everything you would expect from a browser game that falls in the roleplaying genre: customizable characters, hundreds of unique missions and different ways for you to advance your hero. Whether it’s through legendary items, talent points or level-ups: Increase your stats to truly shine on the battlefield and show other players of this free-to-play online game what you're made of. Attributes include defense, speed and critical attack rating.

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