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Warfare Description

The future of the world is grim. Nuclear warfare during World War 3 has led to natural catastrophes that have changed the face of the Earth. Continents have been fragmented and the four ruling nations are in a constant war against each other...


The free-to-play strategy game Warfare is set in an apocalyptic future version of the Earth. Major struggles and differences between all nations of the world have led to World War III. During this war of massive proportions, nuclear warfare has created a vortex in the heart of the world, leading to natural catastrophes of epic scale. These earthquakes and tsunamis have changed the face of the world, fragmenting nations and tearing apart continents into countless smaller islands. Four countries have remained. These nations are still dominating this apocalyptic world of war and death.

In the browser game, you will take control of an island that is associated with one of these ruling governments. Will you join the American faction, which is defined by its powerful economy and its ideological belief in freedom and independence; or the German faction, whose Rose Parliament is pushing technological development with a firm grip on global military development; or will you join the Chinese nation, who has become a world leader due to its keen understanding about important resources; or the Russian government, who is secretly hoping to get more dominance on the world and is continuously expanding its military power? Join one of these factions and get certain advantages and statistic boosts.

Two other factions might not belong to this quartet of leading nations, but still play their part in this political game of power and corruption. The Fifth Independent Alliance formed by mercenaries and led by a powerful dictator is trying to gain power over the central sea area through illegal activities, while the unknown faction is trying to spread their belief in a free universe by attacking the military stronghold of every country.

In the browser game Warfare, you will have to build a strong army to not only defend your island against attacks from other players, but also to be able to actively attack them and gain control over resources. Choose wisely between the military forces such as ground forces, the navy, or air forces. Depending on which force you will focus on, you will get certain in-game advantages.

Warfare Screenshots

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