Warface: New PTB Mapp “Pyramid” Announced

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With the next game update, the guys and girls over at Crytek are planning on bringing a new PTB map to the free-to-play FPS Warface. The map is called Pyramid, and it is going to be an addition to the roster of Plant the Bomb maps in the online game. Players will find themselves in the sandy deserts of Egypt. In order to flesh out the map, the developers have come up with a small plot for the new region.

The special unit called Warface has collected new information about Blackwood’s plans thanks to Operation Anubis. In the retrieved documents, they found details about one of the paramilitary organization’s new projects. Apparently, Blackwood is planning on creating a cyborg horde that was harvested within the pyramid. Warface’s mission is to keep the cyborgs locked up by taking control of various control points on the new map. This will prevent Blackwood from placing their bombs.

The new map has become moderately big and features opportunities for all character classes to significantly contribute to the game. There are narrow corridors as well as wide and open areas. The developers also teamed up with some members of the community to include some ideas and feedback in order to create a diverse and fun map. Players will soon be able to find out whether that is actually the case when the update comes out.

Source: Official game homepage

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