Warface: New Coop Mission and Crysis-Nanosuit

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A new game update for the free-to-play shooter Warface went live yesterday. The patch didn’t only bring the previously announced Nanosuit known from Crysis, but it also brought some new content for the PvE game mode. Inspired by the African setting introduced in earlier updates, the new coop missions give players the chance to battle it out against their enemies in the open as well as in narrow caves. In the end, players will fight in a mix of arena and drilling area which is optimal for up close and personal showdowns. The map also features various constructs that allow for heated horizontal as well as vertical combat.

It’s not surprising that Crytek has also added a few new weapons to the online game. The WX-86 is a pistol made in the Czech Republic which was first introduced in 1986. Players can choose between two different modes – semi-automatic and selective fire mode. For players who like it bigger, the update also adds the TT-3000, a submachine gun from Russia that packs a punch on smaller distances.

The new PvE map in Warface.

The Nanosuits based on Crytek’s shooter are only available in the Auction House. Players should prepare for a battle of auctioneers if they are interested in purchasing one of the precious suits. As always, the update also fixes some bugs.

Source: Official game homepage

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