Casters of Kalderon
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Casters of Kalderon
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Casters of Kalderon Description

Are you looking for a world of magic and dragons, of warfare and tactical thinking? Then you should take a closer look at the world of Kalderon, where magic and dragons still exist.


Welcome to the magical world of Kalderon, where true magic still exists. Long ago, long before the era of magical warfare ever began, The Order created the Casters - people with magical powers and skills - in numerous magical experiments. During these experiments, The Order infused some people with dragon’s essence, which allowed them to channel the forces of these fiery lizards. Every Caster has since been strongly connected to his or her dragon.

When you enter the world of the free-to-play browser game WarCaster - Casters of Kalderon, you will be one of the last remaining Casters, whose task it is to rebuild a new society, now that the old structures have been brought down. Casters of Kalderon is a 3D online strategy game, which combines tactical warfare with real-time strategy simulation elements. It is up to you to find the tower that stores your magical power, maintain it, take care of your dragon, and establish a flourishing realm.

The title is considered a true massively multiplayer online game (MMO) experience and will make good use of this very social gameplay element. Casters of Kalderon is not only a browser based game, which means that you can play it in the browser of your choice whenever you have a working internet connection, but you can also link it to your Facebook account, to share your progress with all of your friends. There will also be special events and unique content such as mini games that link the community via social networking, and not just in browsers, but also on mobile platforms.

Be prepared for much tactical content, as you build and develop great societies in Casters of Kalderon, recruit and train soldiers and armies, scout for new locations and areas, and join forces with other players to defend yourself or attack and rob other societies. All of this will build up your rank and make you a force to be reckoned with.

Casters of Kalderon Screenshots

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