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Warbarons Description

Take charge of your very own castle in this free-to-play, browser-based strategy game. Take on players from around the world in a bid to be the mightiest of them all...


Warbarons is a browser-based online strategy game that will challenge you to take the reins of a fledgling empire and lead it to glory. Starting with just a small castle, you must build up your kingdom around you and conquer neighboring territories to ensure your place in the world.

In Warbarons, there are three different game modes available for you to experience – Free for All, Team Games and Scenario Games. Free for All tends to be a quick match on smaller maps, forcing you to get your head into the game quickly. Team Games are like Free for All games except for the fact you are teamed up with other players and need to take down your opponents together. This requires teamwork and planning, but if you hold out through the rounds, you could be the victor. Scenario games challenge you in a different way by having a pre-determined theme, often based on historic or fantasy worlds.

The key to success in Warbarons is to upgrade your castle, capture territory and recruit troops. This, of course, is easier said than done and will challenge you to use your strategic skills. These skills will focus on the movement of your armies to secure production and capture other castles around you. Once a certain percentage of the castles on the map have been captured by you, you will be the winner!

by Kyle Hayth

Warbarons Screenshots

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