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War2 Glory
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War2 Glory Description

Command your own battalion and lead your troops to victory in this strategic browser game. Reclaim conquered territories and restore order to the once peaceful land...


War2 Glory is a free-to-play strategy game that puts you in charge of your very own region that you must develop into a powerful territory. Once you have established your foothold, you can expand to new territories and conquer enemies in intense battles.

Set in World War II, War2 Glory tests your strategic and tactical abilities as you control 40 different and authentic vehicles from the period. Take the fight to the enemy on land, sea or in the air to claim victory as your own.

The development of your own starting town in War2 Glory is very important. You will be given a starting area which you will have to construct new buildings from two different categories. These are either buildings from the Military Sector or Production Zone. Each one contains different buildings that have different functions and will open up new options for you to recruit and research.

Not only are there tons of multiplayer battles in which you can participate, there are also a host of daily quests that you can complete as well. These will earn you money and rewards which you can use to help the cause.

As a commander in War2 Glory, you will be able to trade with other players, join or create alliances and even collect rare jewels to raise your rank. Your ultimate goal is to create a powerful base of operations and seek to conquer new territories.

by Kyle Hayth

War2 Glory Screenshots

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