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War Rock
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War Rock Description

Enjoy a combat experience like no other in this online action game, in which players equip themselves with an array of powerful weaponry and take to the battlefield.


War Rock is a client-based web game set in the war-torn Republic of Derbaran, where two factions are fighting in an ongoing war for control of the region. Decide which faction you will side with and be prepared to fight to the death as you take on your enemies. You can choose to enlist either with the NIU rebels of the Derbaran Military, taking on one of five varied but equally crucial roles – Engineer, Medic, Assault, Sniper or Heavy Trooper. Each of these roles will bring different responsibilities and a different position on the battlefield. Strive to bring down your enemies as you charge forward in armored vehicles including Blackhawk choppers, F-15 Eagles and K1 tanks.

In the client game War Rock you have the chance to purchase a vast collection of immense weaponry and field gear at the armory and item shop, using the in-game Dinar currency. Your goal is to become a gallant and powerful soldier, ranking up through experience and achievements in battle. By doing so you are able to unlock new equipment and participate in exciting live events and tournaments with and against other players.

In the action-packed game War Rock you have the chance to network with other players and form tight and powerful clans. These clans will increase your overall power on the battlefield, and improve your chances of victory and success. Become an integral player in an ongoing civil war in the online game War Rock as you bravely overthrow your opponents. Game play modes, new equipment and vehicles are driven by player request to ensure an ever-evolving action game.

by Kyle Hayth

War Rock Screenshots

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