War of the Burning Sky
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War of the Burning Sky
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War of the Burning Sky Description

Customize your own character, explore a vast fantasy world, engage in intense combat and overcome your ferocious enemies in this thrilling client game...


War of the Burning Sky is a client-based role-playing game set in an intricate 3D world. In the game you take on the role of your own fantasy character, customizing your race, personality and alignment, as well as manipulating your character’s statistics in order to best make use of your skills.

The MMORPG allows War of the Burning Sky contains a flexible playing mode, allowing you to roam the world in the single player or multi-player modes. Explore a vast game world containing exotic landscapes and varying seasons, all captured in intricate graphics. The various races in the client game War of the Burning Sky each have their own set of unique features, strengths and skills, and it is your decision which race you will represent from the start of the game.

Additionally, players will engage in fast-paced combat against NPCs, boss villains and enemy players, striving to slay their way to victory. Through their battles players have the chance to improve their combative skills as well as rise through the ranks in battle. In the online game War of the Burning Sky you are able to roam the world as a brave solo adventurer, or form a strong guild with allies.

The story in the campaign based game War of the Burning Sky is affected by the actions of players – powers can shift between races, whole political systems can rise or fall and the economical climate in the game can change overnight. You can experience all the action and excitement of the fantasy MMORPG War of the Burning Sky as you gallantly defeat your opponents.

War of the Burning Sky Screenshots

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