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War of Legends
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War of Legends Description

The battle for complete domination has begun and you must fight your way to the top. You are just one of many heroes that must prove themselves and survive the gauntlet that lies before you...


War of Legends charges you with being the master of a kingdom and succeeding to become the most powerful empire in the land. It is a free-to-play strategy browser game that offers you the chance to build a city from the ground up and create an army to carry out your will.

You begin with a simple palace and a plot of land in War of Legends. You are the legend and must devise the layout of your city and production to help the progression of your lands. Build palaces, villages and temples to ensure the further development of your population and their happiness. On the outskirts you must build resource gathering structures such as crop farms, timber mills and mines.

After you have established your infrastructure in your city and the surrounding area, you can begin to create an army. War of Legends has many different units for you to choose from in order to customize your army to suit your needs. Equip your legend with even more powerful equipment so that they can lead your army to victory.

Join an alliance to unite many armies under one banner. War of Legends has stronghold battles in which you can participate in if you part of an alliance. Your leader will choose a target and, as a group, you will assault the selected city or stronghold and hopefully prove victorious.

War of Legends also allows you to attempt to read the future with the divination trigram. Try up to twenty times per day. If you prove to be lucky, you may win a prize. However, you must spend gold to use this magical piece of equipment, so use it wisely.

Choose a legend to lead your armies to glory and create an empire that will last an eternity in War of Legends. Battle against other players and take your legend into battle to be victorious on the battlefield. Join or create an alliance that will unite other players together to achieve the common goal of victory.

War of Legends Screenshots

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