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War of Angels
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War of Angels Description

Spread your wings, and take on the fiercest of your enemies as you fight your way to victory in the vast and fantastical province of Poulrose as a mystical angel...


War of Angels is a free to play fantasy-themed MMORPG, which takes you on an adventure as a brave angel through a mysterious fantasy world, bursting with surprises. Around every corner lurk evil monsters waiting to challenge you in exciting fast-paced battles. Partake in thrilling battles in all the elements – on land, under water, and even high up in the sky. The client game has an impressive mix of both PvE and PvP elements, as well as hundreds of extensive quests issued by quirky NPCs.

There are many opportunities for character development in War of Angels – build your skills and experience as you take on your enemies. Choose from one of four exciting character classes to join – the healing Mage, the stealth Rogue, the agile Ranger and the powerful Fighter.

Complete missions as a brave lone angel, or form a guild with other players to tackle the challenges together in War of Angels. The greater your guild, the more likely you are to conquer your way to victory and achieve the ultimate goal – having your own guild city in Poulrose. Conquest battles with other players determine who rules the city – use your strategic and combative skills to thrash the enemies and claim the city as your own. With each quest you undertake, you must decide whether you will defend the side of 'good', or convert to the 'evil' side.

The fantasy online game War of Angels has highly defined 3D graphics, a unique networking system where you can chat and connect with other players, fun mini games and an innovative town building system.

Explore dark and dangerous dungeons, dense and murky forests and mysterious mountains. Build up your guild's economy, use your skills to tactically destroy your enemies and claim victory over all the land in the exciting anime-style client game, War of Angels.

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