War of 2012: New Server 'Ark 15' Being Launched Today

08/10/2011 08:20 am in News

Online game publishers Playful Games are getting ready to launch the newest server for the free-to-play strategy game, War of 2012, today and to help start it off; they are hosting a series of events which entice players to start building up their brand new empires!
War of 2012

War of 2012

The Top Dog Competition will challenge the new players on Ark 15 to be the best there is. In order to win, you will have to achieve certain goals, which in turn will earn you some nice titles. Try on "The Royalist" for size by being the first player to reach the Castle Age or maybe "Elite Fighter" is more you taste? Then be the first player to own a purple hero. Of course, these are just examples and there are many other titles to be earned.

For those commanders of War of 2012 who are on the top of the list for their Hero Ranking, there are some great gear rewards. The top 10 players will each receive a very nice armor set for their hero and the higher ranked you are, the better the gear gets.

To be the best in the Hero Ranking is one thing, but to be the best of the best out of thousands of players is another. The top five overall players will receive incredibly rare armor sets for their Hero, setting them apart from the rest.

One of the last events is the easiest of them all. The longer you are logged into War of 2012, the better your rewards become. Starting off at five minutes, you will receive a Hardwood Box but if you can hold out for a long time, you can eventually earn three Coupons!

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