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War of 2012
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War of 2012 Description

The land is burning, the world is politically torn, and it is your duty to fight for and defend civilisation. A new Dark Ages has come in 2012 ... are you prepared?


War of 2012 takes you into a very dark future, where the world is no longer a safe place. Following a great depression, the world was torn into two, and all the common people were stripped of their technology, bringing them back into a new dark ages.

This chaos brought tremendous unrest and led to brutal attacks, looting and theft by barbaric groups, feeding off the crisis. It is your challenge to create a mighty team of empires with which to take on these enemies.

In War of 2012 you are able to train and command up to fifteen heroes into the battlefield. You are given a Hero Orb as the game begins, from which a hero can be unsealed from. Hero Orbs can also be traded or purchased at the marketplace and shop, or won through battles. There are 8 varieties of Hero Rarity – grey, white, green, blue, purple, orange, red and golden. Each hero is unique in their talents and abilities, and has the opportunity to be reborn into a rarer hero at certain levels.

Heroes gain strength as the levels increase, and your powerful force becomes even more resistant. In War of 2012 you have the exciting possibility to fight with more than one hero in a battle. With each battle that you win you have the chance to progress through the ages – by making progress with construction, recruiting additional troops and advancing technology. Go from the Dark Age, to the Feudal Age, to the Castle Age, and finally the peak – the Imperial Age.

Use the unique equipment crafting system to dismantle items and create and refine your own. Sell items at the auction house, or purchase equipment and merchandise from other players at the marketplace. Use your strategic and tactical skills in the exciting strategic war browser game, War of 2012. Lead your crew into the core of the battlefield and defend humankind from the barbaric villains.

War of 2012 Screenshots

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