War Inc. Battlezone
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War Inc. Battlezone
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War Inc. Battlezone Description

The global recession has devastated the world economy and turned countries against one another. The only way to come out of this alive is to fight for everything you have...


War Inc. Battlezone is set in a world dominated by military forces that are in a constant struggle to control land and the precious resources they hold. You are a member of an elite unit assigned to eliminate the other team before they can accomplish their mission. Will you survive?

The focus of War Inc. Battlezone is team versus team combat. You must work together and fight hard to achieve your objective. There are three different modes which you can experience as part of one of the elite teams: Conquest, Siege and Team Deathmatch.

In Conquest Mode you will fight for control of strategic points on a map. Multiple areas will need to be conquered and held throughout the match, it is not just a smash and grab operation. Once all of them are captured and held by one team, the match is over.

Siege mode pits players against one another in a defensive situation. With a set timer, one team will have to attempt to reach an objective being defended by the other team. If the defenders can hold out the length of the round, they will win…

Team Deathmatch in War Inc. Battlezone is as simple as it gets. Two teams will fight each other to death but no one said it was going to be a tiny match. Maps can support up to 64 players at once, meaning there is going to be some serious action happening and you will have to keep a good head on your shoulders to survive.

Customize your own soldier in War Inc. Battlezone and master the battlefield through determination and true aim. Fight alongside your team for victory in three different modes on many different and expansive maps. Only the quick and smart will survive. Will you rise through the ranks and make it to the top?

by Kyle Hayth

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