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War Commander
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War Commander Description

Mother Earth has changed. It is not the world that we used to know and cherish. In this apocalyptic future, earth’s resources are rare and valuable and everyone is fighting to get their fair share of them…


The world is not what it used to be. Times have changed and earth’s last remaining resources have become scarce and very valuable. In the strategic game War Commander, you will find yourself in an apocalyptic future, in which you will have to build and expand an empire in order to dominate the world.

The free-to-play browser game features very basic elements of the real-time strategy genre. You will start on an empty map, with only few resources, with which you can start building your empire. Make sure to quickly expand it in order to be able to defend yourself against inimical attacks by other players. The game is focused on intense and exciting player versus player battles, which are presented in very appealing graphics that please the eye.

War Commander features four different types of buildings. The general buildings give you control over your empire and the ability to access your contact settings. Defensive buildings are obviously an important part of your base. Barricades will fortify your base and protect important buildings, mines can be produced in the mine factory to make inimical approaches more difficult, and bunkers give your troops a place of refuge and security when the attacks get rough. Offensive buildings will allow you to do everything you need in order to build a strong army with which you can attack your enemies in this browser game. Train infantry units in the Barracks, give them a place to relax in the Go-Go Bar, store all of your missiles in the Missile Silo, and produce ground vehicles in your War Factories. Resource buildings will allow you to produce units and buildings. Forge metal in the Metal Factory, draw oil from the ground with the Oil Pump, and generate energy in the Power Plant.

If you’ve provided these basic buildings you can start to produce vehicles and aircraft, organize your infantry, send them into battle, and become the most successful general imaginable.

War Commander Screenshots

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