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Wanted Description

Become the most notorious gangster in the world and follow the steps of the main characters of the blockbuster movie. There are loads of difficult mission you need to solve...


The gangster world of Wanted is waiting for you. The online game is inspired by the successful movie with Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy. Just like in the film, your goal is to become the most wanted gangster.

It sounds rather unoriginal; after all, there are already many gangster games. But Wanted is not about growing weed, managing strip clubs or pimping cars. As wanted person, you only do real, professional jobs. You are a hit man.

In the style of an RPG you prepare yourself for your missions with the best weapons, ammunition and, of course, the most inconspicuous clothing possible. After all, you do not want to stand out on the street as you remove yourself from the crime scene.

With each successful job, you not only earn a whole lot of money but you also gain credits. Your successes are also your calling card to potential future employers. The more credits you have on your account, the more talented you are and the better jobs you can receive. And, of course, better jobs mean more money - that goes without saying.

Basically, it’s all about earning more and more credits by doing as many jobs as possible. Now you have the chance to show what you’re capable of. Play against thousands of other players around the globe. Shoot your way to the top in the ambivalent world of professional killers.

by Kyle Hayth

Wanted Screenshots

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