The Walking Dead – No Man’s Land: Walkers Invade Android Devices

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land on Android

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land on Android

Daryl Dixon and the other survivors have been fighting for their lives on iPhones and iPads for almost an entire month already. Just in time for the launch of the newest season of AMC’s television show, the guys and girls over at Next Games released the brand new app on iTunes. Android players had to remain patient and make do with the series up until now. The publisher has finally released the free-to-play survival game in the Google Play Store as well, allowing all mobile game players (except for Windows Phone users) to delve into the postapocalyptic world.

Anyone with an Android smartphone or tablet can now simply head over to their app store and download the survival game for free. What exactly will they be able to expect? The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land allows players to take control of several survivors. They will fight their way through hordes of zombies in turn-based fights. Over the course of the game, players will improve their characters’ skills, equip them with better and stronger weapons, and explore new locations, most of which fans of the show will be familiar with.

Anyone who still needs to make up their mind as to whether they want to give the mobile game a try should take a look at the official trailer.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is available for free on iTunes and in the Google Play Store.

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