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Wakfu Description

Enter a magical world full of exciting duels, picturesque landscapes and a fragile ecosystem in this strategic turn-based fighting MMORPG, and exciting sequel to Dofus...


Wakfu, a project of Ankama game developers, is the sequel to the popular Dofus game. It is a thrilling client-based roleplaying game set in a lush island world. Partake in mighty PvP and PvE turn-based battles against your enemies whilst protecting the surrounding environment at the same time.

Your every move can have an impact on the precious ecosystem surrounding you. Should you murder a particular monster, the entire species may become extinct. Should you exploit a precious mineral, the entire resource might perish. It is up to you to maintain a balance between exploiting the flora and fauna of Wakfu, and protecting it. Harvesting and planting new flora is critical to the survival and continuation of resources, and therefore your own survival.

With Wakfu, the game starts with a choice of one of many gallant characters - including a citizen, a politician, a hunter, a craftsman, a shopkeeper, a militiaman, a magician and more. Strategically choose your character, and then personalize your avatar's gender, skin colour and hair color, making it as unique as possible. Each player has a set of predetermined characteristics, according to which element they represent (earth, air, fire or water). These characteristics include strength, agility, intelligence, chance, wisdom and vitality. You will have several opportunities throughout the course of the online game to improve these characteristics.

Wakfu has a variety of additional exciting features including an interactive online community giving you the chance to have discussions with other players, as well as a special Wakfu Cross-Media feature connecting you to the Wakfu television series, webisodes and trading card games. The economy is completely player-based and the animated graphics are amusing and clever. So get ready for battle, and test your strategic, military and political skills in this fast paced MMORPG!

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